Alex Price

CameraSync 1.3 With Background Sync Locations

The update is available now!

Next Tuesday (31st July) we’re releasing Today we released a big update to CameraSync with a big new feature: background sync locations.

Background sync locations mean whenever you arrive at a certain location (like your home or office) CameraSync can automatically launch in the background and start syncing photos up to your service of choice.

Since iOS doesn’t yet allow apps to automatically run in the background on a regular schedule, CameraSync couldn’t automatically upload your photos without you opening the app - until now. Since most people only want to upload their new pictures when they arrive at a location with good Wi-Fi anyway, background sync locations actually achieves this goal very well.

With this update, CameraSync truly becomes like Photostream but for your Dropbox, FTP server, Flickr account etc.

We took our inspiration for this feature from and Instapaper who pioneered & popularised this awesome technique.

This feature is only available on devices that support geofencing (that’s the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and current iPad)